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Namaste!,Im Akshar

I spent most of my 20s and early 30s in the western countries, One day i had an epiphany...I was getting crushed under the weight of modern day life...stress, anxiety, device addiction,acquiring more and more..but it never seemed enough! So what did I do you ask...I moved back to India, started doing yoga,meditation, device detoxification, using ayurvedic products. Ancient Indians were absolute geniuses! Half of your health problems can be solved with a single visit to an Indian kitchen....

While I am not against building a strong career, and being financially stable, but that is becoming the sole purpose of our existence these days, ignoring other fundamental needs of our body and mind.

I guess its time we take a walk into how it was intended by nature for us to be, and while we are at it lets take the more scenic route!

Pack up your bags and go on a journey. A journey to explore India and its riches. A journey that takes you back to the ancient India. Explore its way of life...its culture, food, traditions, rituals. Break the modern day life shackles for few days. Shall we?!




How it Works...

Our journey begins in New Delhi, the capital. Delhi gives you a glimpse into what  once was Delhi Sultante (Kingdom). We will visit the ruins including world's tallest rust free iron monument, and some palaces and Castles that dates back centuries. 

After taking in all that Delhi has to offer, we will move up north to my homecity....Chandigarh, a city designed by french architect Le Courbuiser which lies in the foothills of himalayas, and is India's most well planned smart city.  Then we head to upper himalayan mountain range and explore the native lifestyle of himalayan people and explore the small scenic less-travelled regions with breathtaking picturesque views.

After having taken in Himalayas and its wonders , we will head back to our base city Chandigarh, stay there for a day or two and prepare for our next adventure...Rajasthan, the state of Kings and Queens, state of palaces and castles and age old architecture. 


After basking at wonders of Rajasthan Royal Architecture and riding elephants we will head to Gandhi's State Gujarat and visit his Asharam, and also see the ruins of world's first planned city...Mohenjadaro and Harrappa. Visiting Gujarat also gives us an opportunity to see ancient temples dating back  3 to 7 BC period .


Q1. How many days is sufficient for this trip?

I think 10 to 12 days is sufficient.

Q2. Where do we stay when we travel, are the accommodation going to be good?

We will always stay at 5 star locations, may it be hotels or Airbnb.

Q3. How much do you charge?

It will cost you in the range of 1800 to 2000 dollars , which includes your accommodation, food, fuel, tickets, etc. Basically everything!

Q4. Is there any strict daily routine or strict policies that i have to follow?

Although there are no such strict daily routine or policies, I highly recommend to do activities that would take you away from your regular life back home, like limited use of devices, trying vegetarian food, using natural products,helping in kitchen to cook some India dish, helping me in my kitchen garden, etc.

What will be our mode of transportation?

For the most part, We will be using my SUV vehicle, and make lots of road trips, but if there is a destination that is too far, we can take a flight too, Indian Domestic Aviaiton is very high in its standards.

Still got questions?

Call or whatts App : 011 91 9915 111345

Email :

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